Monday, March 27, 2017

SOL 27: In the morning

I love walking every morning to school even though I walk for 10 minutes. I enjoy the weather these past few days. I listen to music here and then. It's cool walking by myself because last year I walked with my brother everyday and he took long to get out of the house. So it was so stressful but now I walk alone and I enjoy it. Even though I do miss walking with him sometimes. Even so my friend and I and his brothers run into each other. We talk about life and I love our conversations. It's good catching up because I have interest in what people have to say. I thank god for another waking moment.

Sunday, March 26, 2017


Today my aunt, grandma, and I watched La Rosa De Guadalupe. We watched 3 episodes. The first episode was about a girl bringing down another girl and she threatened to kill her. The second episode was about a girl who wanted to model so she went online and the website asked for a picture. She submitted the picture of herself and she receive a phone call that she got the spot. A man and a girl worked together and the man druged the girls. At the end, the modeling agency was fake and trying to get girls to do inappropriate things. The last episode was about a woman and man how got married. The woman was not in love with the man but her mother pressured her to get married because the man was a billionaire. She moved in with her husband which was at his parents house. His family didn't like the woman so they tried killing her. I really enjoy watching this TV show because it teaches that things like this do happen in the real world.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

SOL 25: Dinner

It was my grandma, my mom, brother, moms friend, her daughter, and I. We went to day at Paisans and it's the best. We ordered wings, ribs, and pizza. I got a salad and Alexa got a pizza to herself. The rest ate the ribs and wings. The food was so good. I love the wings there and the ribs. On my salad they put so much chicken so I took most of it out. Overall, my salad was plain but it was still good. To drink I had a lemonade. My mom wanted to take a picture of me, my brother, and my grandma together. My mom recorded on accident and on the video my grandma kept making funny faces. At the end, the pictures came out nice.

Friday, March 24, 2017

SOL 24: Starbucks drink

When we were at target there was a Starbucks inside so we went. I got my Starbucks first and I got a small because I never finished the medium sized. I went with a hot chocolate because it was kind of windy out. It was 5 minutes in the car and I then tasted my Starbucks. I didn't like it whatsoever because it tasted like water and they put way to much chocolate in it. I would get it again but not from there.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

SOL 23: The process of working on my butterfly

Over the weekend I was busy so I couldn't work on my butterfly project. On Monday, I had to study for my math test and I went to party city to buy the cardboard. My mom helped me outline the figure of the butterfly. On Tuesday, I took a 3 hour nap and woke up around 8. Around 9:30 I started  figuring out what all lines meant. Around 11 I brainstormed what to draw for each stanza. Then, I practiced drawing on one sheet of paper. My neck started hurting and I teared up a bit. I started getting stressed but I knew it was going to come out so good. Not many people know this but I used to draw when I was around 10-11. While, drawing I was impressed with myself because I still had the talent that I had before. Everyone had went to sleep and I was at the table still working. It was 12:30 and I started drawing on the cardboard. It took a long time because I kept erasing and I was figuring out what to write as the " description" for what it meant. I went on google and was looking for cool fonts. At the end, I colored the drawings and outlined the letters with marker. I finished at 4:04 and I was happy with my butterfly.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

SOL 22: How I made my slime

First, I was looking for a bowl to make the slime in. I watched the video that I got the idea from to see what she did first and so on. First, I poured 2 school glues in a plastic bowl. Second, I poured the liquid starch and there was no exact measurement.then I grabbed some type of stick and it didn't work out. I searched for something besides a fork because I didn't want it to stick. Then, I grabbed a fork because there was nothing else. I started mixing the slime. It was liquidy and I decided to not touch it and leave it out overnight. I noticed that it did leave the fork sticky but then I washed it as soon as I was done.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

SOL #21: Slime

My cousin Giselle and I wanted to do something fun. We walked to family dollar and it was 4 blocks away from where I live. We wanted to make slime so we bought all the materials for it. We were searching for food coloring for a like 5 minutes. Then, we asked and they said they didn't have any. The only thing we needed was 2 glues and liquid starch so we did buy that. The food coloring was optional. We walked over to family dollar to see if they had food coloring. We asked and the lady said they ran out of them fast. We then walked back home.