Monday, May 8, 2017

Qualities of a great speech

Like in Sheryl's video she was showing deep emotions and at the end it was positive. Picking up a certain tone and having good introduction. You have to speak loud enough for everyone to hear your speech. You balance is important because you don't want to be moving as much or touching your hair.   You also don't want to repeat the same thing over again basically don't stutter. Get to the point  up there and be yourself. You can share your experiences, emotions, and feelings. Your audience can agree and it's the best feeling afterwards. Say anything even if you think people will judge just ignore it and keep going. Prepare weeks before so you give a great speech.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Free choice

Remember ^ 
Giselle (cousin) and I were on our way to Marlyn's (family friend) house. They were celebrating Joshua's birthday. While, we were in the car for five fours (long story) my mom was driving. I looked out the window and saw these lines. I love the message because I barely see positive writings outside. It was surprising and nice to see. Giselle took the picture for me because I was holding the cake and I didn't want to fall over.

Book club

Book club was confusing at first but my partner helped me through it and they always explain everything clearly. They make sure we read and the noted to be done. I am going to improve better by reading and writing my notes. But especially sharing in the group because they need to hear what I think and so on. I will make sure I take my book and sheet home everyday so I can do my work. I will take my time reading independently as soon as I get home. This is how I will improve better at book club.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Butterfly project

I've met enough people.
Seldom a human being.
Therefore, I will wait
until my life's purpose
is fulfilled
and you will come.

Though there is anguish
deep in my soul --
what if I must search for you forever? --
I must not lose faith,
I must not lose hope.

Monday, April 17, 2017

The Fault In Our Stars

Hazel Grace was diagnosed with thyroid cancer when she was thirteen. Because of this, she also had a lot of water in her lungs. Her condition was getting worse and worse and none of her doctors thought that she would survive much longer. Then, her doctor put her on a new medicine just to see if it could help drain out some of the water in her lungs. It worked and she survived. Now, she is seventeen years old and still wears a cannula. Hazel's mother thinks she is depressed so she is sent to a support group. One day, she sees a boy who was staring at her and she found out his name was Augustus. 

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Spring break

Over spring break my mom, brother, and I visited family friends. Marlyn knows my mom since high school and been family ever since. Marlyn has 4 boys Joshua (14), Julius (8),Jeremiah (12), and Jacob (10). Also, a daughter named naveah who is 4 years old. Marlyn has a niece (diamond) who is 15 years old but in 8th grade. Marlyn takes care of diamond because of family problems. I hang out more with Josh and diamond because we know each other best. I like going over there to play basketball, the pool, and just in general i love visiting them. The neighborhood is so nice. We went on Thursday around 4 and we catcher up. On Friday, Joshua and Diamond missed school just for us. We went to aurora mall and we shopped. Later, my brother, Diamond, Jeremiah, and Joshua went to the local mall. We just came to look around because me and my brother haven't been there since last year. We bought ice cream and my brother bought adidas shoes. On Saturday, my mom and Marlyn went out to eat on their own. We all stayed home alone and spent time outside playing basketball and it was so fun. Later, we all watched a movie together and had popcorn but I got bored so I went upstairs with Diamond. I went on my phone and finished the last episodes of 13 reasons why. I'm glad I spent my spring break with them because it was so fun and when we left I was so sad that I wanted to go back. It's okay because we are visiting them in the in a week and over the summer.

Friday, March 31, 2017

SOL 31: Completed

31 days of blogging everyday has been successful for my classmates and I. I am proud of each and every one of them. It inspired me to write more on my journal. I shared my blog with friends and family. I still can't believe I changed how someone viewed themselves as. In the beginning, I was planning on only doing 12 days but I did the whole month. Blogging has taught me to express my feelings. Everyone has different opinions about different ideas in the world. I will never give up and will continue to blog.