Monday, March 20, 2017

SOL #20: Sunday

On Sunday, I went to the mall and I wanted to buy shoes but I wasn't sure which ones I wanted. We left footlocker and I decided to come back when I knew what I wanted. It was 5:40 and I had 10 minutes left before the mall was closing. Meanwhile, I was there I wanted to get my eyebrows done. I went downstairs were I had gotten thread before but it wasn't the same lady that did my brows before.  My eyebrows are very important so I didn't go to her. I did go back upstairs where I was. I decided to get them waxed for the third time. Also, I got the same person that did them before. I got them waxed and it hurt a bit but not as much as thread. If you're willing to get your eyebrows done I would recommend wax. It hurts less but thread is also the best.


  1. Either both,but they are still going to hurt.Your eyebrows are in a good shape

  2. I'd like to get my eyebrows done one day. They are a mess haha