Monday, May 8, 2017

Qualities of a great speech

Like in Sheryl's video she was showing deep emotions and at the end it was positive. Picking up a certain tone and having good introduction. You have to speak loud enough for everyone to hear your speech. You balance is important because you don't want to be moving as much or touching your hair.   You also don't want to repeat the same thing over again basically don't stutter. Get to the point  up there and be yourself. You can share your experiences, emotions, and feelings. Your audience can agree and it's the best feeling afterwards. Say anything even if you think people will judge just ignore it and keep going. Prepare weeks before so you give a great speech.


  1. You can share your experiences, emotions, and feelings - Yes! all great ideas! You give a lot of great tips, Leslie!

  2. I agree you with you when you said your balance is important because some people do move a lot when they're speaking to a group of people.